Live Predictor Games For your Bar

Host NFL predictor games this fall! Keep your customers engaged longer as they play the game, not just watch the game!

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Play in bars across America This NFL Season

Games will be played for each of the NFL Monday and Thursday Night matchups! Turn Mondays and Thursdays into big nights and attract new customers by creating a unique experience they can’t get anywhere else.

See it in Action

For every Monday and Thursday Night matchup, in-game style questions will run alongside the action. A new question will be asked at the start of every drive and a leaderboard keep track of your progress. Players at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the game win prizes.

Multiple Ways to Play & Win!

We host a variety of different game and question types, to bring the most unqiue experience to your customers every time they come to play. Players will be competing locally and nationally with in game leaderboards showing how they rank within their bar and on the national stage.

Sports Props

Want your guests to be more engaged, and stick around longer when watching the game? Let your guests predict what’s going to happen in real-time, for real prizes. Launching with NFL this fall and expanding with other leagues in 2022.

Bar Trivia

Our 100% live host will guide and engage your players from our studio, saving you hundreds of dollars a month in service fees. 

Coming in January 2022

How It Works

Plug it in, turn on the TV and you're done. We do the rest,  providing the questions, keeping score, tracking your players and more.

"I was an early beta user of Pub Hero and after the first trivia night, I saw its WOW factor. Truly took the hassle out of running a trivia night and it provided an incredible experience for my customers"
Owner, D.D. Pecker's Wing Shack

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We’re adding new bars each week. Tell us about your bar and be one of the first on Pub Hero.
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